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The Instuction to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

When a hard drive is formatted by mistake, it is without doubt a catastrophic incident for the computer. If the hard drive has been formatted by mistake, can data be recovered? This section tells you how you can recover data from formatted hard drive. The Bitwar Data Recoveryis here to save the day.

To recover data from a formatted hard drive, please make sure that:

1. Do not write any more new data to this formatted hard drive, otherwise the existing data in the hard drive will definitely be overwritten, and you will not be able to recover those data anymore.

2. Choose a reliable data recovery software like Bitwar Data Recovery, which supports preview of various types of files and allows you to preview files before recovery with a recover rate of up to 100%.

The next section describes how you can useBitwar Data Recovery to recover data from a formatted hard drive:


Install Bitwar Data Recovery. Log onto the official website to download the latest version of the data recovery software.

Important notes for installation: Make sure that you do not install or download the software in the hard drive that contains the data you wish to recover. By default, the software is installed in partition C. So, if you want to recover data in partition C, do not install the software in partition C.

Step 2:

Complete the installation and run the software. Guide ModeClick the “Formatted Hard Drive Recovery”option, and select thestandard modeClick on the hard drive you wich to recover.

(Guide Mode)

(Standard Mode)

Step 3:

Click on the hard drive and select the “Formatted Recovery” function to scan the formatted hard drive.

Click and select the type of data that you want to recover from the hard drive.

Step 4:

Double click to preview the files and select the files to be recovered. Now, data recovery from a formatted hard drive is thus completed.